BTSMG Design

Branding, Websites & Marketing

In this day in age it is vital for a business to have an online presence that reflects the image of the business. The likeliness that a startup has competitors that have been around for a while means that business needs to find ways to innovate. With time comes the understanding that any business needs a website. Most people these days turn to the internet when looking for anything and everything. The bottom line is if a business has a website that is outdated or no website at all the public would most likely look to a business they can find more information on.

BTSMG Create

Quality Photography, Illustration & Video

Behind the Scenes Media Group provides you with the best in creative services. Personal photo-shoots, commercials, weddings, events and more. Enjoy collaborative creative engagement which ensure’s you not only receive what you asked for but it’s the best it can be.

BTSMG Hosting

Website Hosting & Domain Names

BTSMG web hosting provides a vast array of tools to take your idea or business online today. From site building tools, to our one-click application installer, you’ll find everything you need to launch your new website.


Bring Into Existence

Behind The Scenes Media Group is a company that’s ultimate goal is to offer simple, affordable & quality digital services be it for personal or business use. We want to help create brands and business content and followings among many other digital services we offer. We aim to make the processes involved in a project as easy and simple as possible for the client so that the client can focus on their business and we can focus on delivering the ultimate digital product.