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Behind The Scenes Media Group is a company that’s ultimate goal is to offer simple, affordable & quality digital services be it for personal or business use. We want to help create brands and business content and followings among many other digital services we offer. We aim to make the processes involved in a project as easy and simple as possible for the client so that the client can focus on their business and we can focus on delivering the ultimate digital product.

We are always looking for the most modern solutions to your digital needs and as such strive to improve and add new services all the time. We started out just offering website design and now offer a whole host of important digital services.

Web Design

In this day in age it is vital for a business to have an online presence that reflects the image of the business. The likeliness that a startup has competitors that have been around for a while means that business needs to find ways to innovate. With time comes the understanding that any business needs a website. Most people these days turn to the internet when looking for anything and everything. The bottom line is if a business has a website that is outdated or no website at all the public would most likely look to a business they can find more information on.

Most businesses have some form of a social media account and the main reason for this is because it is free. The issue with social media is that this is where the online presence ends for a business. Social media should be used as a tool to lead potential clients and the public to your property on the internet. Just like having an office or a storefront, a website is just as important for any and all businesses. We offer both informational and online store websites along with a host of other business specific systems.

Graphic Design 

Graphic design and web design often go hand and hand as it is important to have a clean and uniform look when projecting a brand, person or entity. We started out just offering graphic design within our website design offering, but as we grew we started to offer stand-alone graphic design services such as print designs, social media ad designs and many other design services.


We started out offering photography for very specific cases when making websites for our clients such as product photography but as time went on we realized that offering a standalone photography service was something that our client base at the time was interested in. Since offering standalone photography services we have grown both our knowledge and capabilities offering business photo shoots, family shoots, product shoots, event shoots and many other Photo shoot options.


Naturally, after starting to offer the photography service, it was a no brainer to start working on our skills offering video services. We are currently still hard at work growing this area of our business but have made great progress. We are currently working on documentary-style video offering as well as product promo videos and event after movies.

The Scenes Collection

We are currently building a network of online platforms to help manage every aspect of your business! Watch this space for more news and updates.