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Blank Canvas Pictures is an Independent Film Production Company that creates content for a worldwide audience. BCP was built around the ethos; ‘Why be ordinary when you can be anything but?’.

With BCP being a company built on the foundation of original and inventive, their website needed to reflect that. Over a month and a half of designing, back and forth consultations and fine-tuning, went into creating their website. Thanks to the efforts of both Blank Canvas and Behind the Scenes, we were able to create a site that showcased their brand in the best way possible.


  • Blank Canvas Pictures


  • Web Design
  • Online Shop
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy-Writing


  • 20+ Pages
  • Contact forms
  • Footer Design
  • Blog
  • SEO


  • International clothing production
  • International Payments & shipping

Blank Canvas has been using Behind the Scenes Media Group since 2015 when they were under the name Blank Canvas Productions. In the five years, they have used BTSMG they have undergone six major site changes, three overhauls and one complete brand reinvention in 2019.

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Hosted in

Cities around the world.


World Wide Target Market



Content delivery system

With Blank Canvas Pictures being an entertainment company that produces content for an international audience, we needed to provide assurance that their site was easily accessible.

The companies main website, blankcnvs.com is hosted on a system of servers located in 180 countries around the world. This means that when someone requests a page or content from their website it pulls from the closest server to their geographical location.

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