BTSMG Web design - BCP

Blank Canvas Pictures

Created in 2019 for Blank Canvas Entertainment. A fully functioning informational website with built-in movie streaming platform.

BTSMG Web design - BCP Shop

KTY Fitness

Created in 2019 for KTY Fitness, a five star boutique gym situated in the heart of the Umhlanga Village. Offering personal training and so much more.

BTSMG Web design - MODA


Created in 2020 for MODA Studio Architect. Featuring fully immersive web design showcasing projects with images and video tours.

BTSMG Website - Trimborn

Little Beach Tribe

Created in 2020, Little Beach Tribe is an online store specializing in beach apparel, toys and more. The adventure belongs to those who deserve it. 

BTSMG Website - Trimborn

IQ Building Surveyors

Created in 2020, IQ Building Surveyors is an Australian private building surveying company serviced by a team of experts.

BTSMG Website - TVU

Longcroft Super Meats

Made in 2020, Longcroft Super Meats is a wholesale meat supplier and retailer situated in Phoenix. Over the years they’ve become a trusted supplier!

BTSMG Web design - Grind Salt

The Grind Company

Created in 2019 for The Grind Co. a family-owned and run salt, sauce and balsamic producer. It features information, product lists and boasts an online store.

BTSMG Website - Hair Clips, Red Lips

Hair Clips and Red Lips

Created in 2017, Hair Clips and Red Lips is an all event Make-up stylist. Hair Clips and Red Lips features a simple web design with image galleries and service listing.

BTSMG Website - North Accounting

North Admin and Accounting

Created in 2019 for North Admin and Accounting a Pretoria, Gauteng based accounting service. BTSMG updated their look and created their web-site.

BTSMG Website - Bed Master

The Bed Master

Created in 2018. The site features an online catalog and E-commerce store therefor providing customers a place to buy affordable mattresses from a trusted company.

BTSMG Website - Summer Slim

Summer Skin

Created in 2018, Summer Skin is an all natural skin care product supplier. They’ve described their product as; “The Ultimate In Affordable Luxury”.

BTSMG Website - Genesis Meals

Genesis Meals

Created in 2017 for meal alternative Genesis. The website features an online store selling the multigrain, high-energy easy meals for anyone on the go.

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