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Fully Responsive Web Design

When we design your business website we take the time to make sure it works across all platforms, be it a phone, tablet or a laptop. We ensure that your website will adjust itself to any screen size in an aesthetic manner. This is essential in the modern mobile era. 

  • Custom Website Address
  • Custom Email Address
  • Custom Website Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Video Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Website Analytics
Website examples

Custom Website Address

Having a professional website address ( is one of the most important steps in securing your space on the internet Behind The Scenes will register, host and manage your business’s domain name.

Custom Email Address

Having a professional website address ( means you can get rid of your unworthy email addresses (ie. in favour of a professional business email ie. – This will give your business more credibility and improve trust.

Custom Website Design

When designing your business website the sky is the limit with tons of customizable options. Make your website stand out from the rest with a fully custom designed website.

Social Media Integration

Integrating your social accounts into your website gives your clients the opportunity to find you on other platforms very quickly, being able to see what you are up to day by day as well as being able to follow you to keep up with what you are doing.


Video Integration

If your business has promotional videos that help show people what it is you do, we can build those into the site in a few different ways. We can make it a direct video on the site or if it is a longer video we can integrate it through YouTube.

Google Maps Integration

Having people know where they can find you quickly and in a responsive manner is key. Integrating google maps into your website means we can accurately display your businesses location.

Website Analytics

We are able to track very detailed habits of people visiting your website. From how long they stayed and where they are from to what interests them and what gender they are. This information is extremely valuable for targeting your message and to guide future marketing efforts.


Landing Page

If a website is not the answers for the time being you should still set up a domain name for your business and with that, a simple one-page landing page and custom email addresses.

E-commerce Websites

Selling online could never be any easier! Getting your business’s products for sale online is a no-brainer. An Online shop has the benefits of a brick and mortar store but without rent, staff and area constraints but having both an online shop & a brick and mortar store will open up your shop to the whole country! 

  • Online Ordering System

  • A full System

  • Fully Responsive Shop

  • Payment System

  • Product fields

  • Review System

  • Shipping System

  • Back end training

Shop Website examples

Online Ordering System

From your client ordering a product from your shop to you adding the shipping details, it is all online and automated. Once a client orders something you will receive an email with the order. From there once the order has been paid for and you add the shipping details an email with the tracking number will be sent to the client automatically.


A full System

Your online shop has tons of built-in features helping you have a lasting effect on your client base! Anything you need your shop to do within reason can be done, be it a rewards system or a referral system there is a ton of customization.

Fully Responsive Shop

When we design your Online Store we take the time to make sure it works across all platforms, be it a phone, tablet or a laptop we ensure that your store will adjust itself to any screen size in an aesthetic manner.

Payment System

With full PAYFAST © integration your clients can pay online from a host of options, from credit card to bitcoin your shop can accept it all! Payment is made via a redirection to a secure payment gateway meaning your clients can feel safe with their card details.

Product fields

Sometimes clients need to choose certain aspects of the item they are buying, be it size, colour or quality. Your online store will allow buyers to select any options your products require and thus changing the final price of the product.

Review System

All products have a built-in review system where clients that have bought the product can rate it and let people know how they feel about the product. Once someone submits a review you will be able to review and accept or decline the review.

Shipping System

Be it Free shipping, a flat rate or calculated shipping, your shop can be set up to give accurate shipping cost Nationwide. We have our suggested courier company but if you have your own we can work with you to implement their shipping prices.

Back end training

With the design of your online store comes the back end where orders are fulfilled and sales are tracked. Once the design of the store is done we then sit down with you and teach you the key aspects of the back end and how to effectively fulfil orders.