Why having a website is now more important than ever

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Web-Design

Since 2006 the internet has seen a steady annual user growth of over 2%. This number may not sound like much. However, when you consider that it’s 2% of the global population, you begin to realize how many people that truly is. It has become a way of life for consumers to turn to the internet. They go to find the right service or product. Therefore having a website has become a non-negotiable for companies and brands.

Why do I need a website?

Factors that determine if a consumer will use your business

When you ask the question; ‘why do I need a website?’, you are asking because yowhy do I need a website?u don’t see the importance of existing online. It can be easy to come to your conclusion, that you believe you don’t need one. However, you’d be wrong. Firstly, consider you are the consumer, you are looking for a restaurant. You go online, search for restaurants in the area, you find a few options. Is that all you need to know? No, you need to know their; menu, prices, amenities, reviews and more. When people search for things, they say the type of thing they are looking for. Google then provides them with options. If you are not online, you’re not an option to a vast number of potential consumers.



why do i need a website?Found offline but no conversion 

Now, this isn’t to say clients don’t find some form of success offline. In certain situations, however, it becomes more difficult to turn offline leads to sales. Imagine you are a trade, your company is experiencing a lack of business, why? You’re a great company, you have the best rates, your service is better than the competition, you are getting calls but no sales. Why are you not experiencing success? You’re not successfully representing your brand. Beyond the initial interaction between customer and business, there is an additional step. The consumer goes to do more research and compare your business to others out there. If you’re not online, you lost your chance. Your business is no longer even being considered. Some consumers immediately move on when finding out you do not have a website. Without a website, sometimes your credibility is brought into question.


Consumers want to talk to you and your business. They have questions, as every consumer does. Your website could answer a majority of those questions that they have. This can put them at ease with your company a lot faster than a phone call or email communication could.

e-commerceGoing once, going twice, sold

Many brick and mortar stores have now moved to sell either exclusively online or in both options. Consumers are still divided in the way in which they buy. Some predominantly shop online, some still focus their efforts on physical locations. The other aspect of online retail to consider is year-round sales at any time. Brick and mortar locations have set hours, closed certain days like public holidays while online retail is anytime, anyplace. It can be a major driver of sales for you and your business.

Social media isn’t enough

Having a great social media presence is necessary, but it isn’t enough. A website is an overall view of your business and all it offers. Above all, it’s where clients would rather go to get the information all in one place. Social media is filled with content about your business or brand, but it can often not be the most accurate view of everything you may do or offer. A website takes out any confusion. 


In conclusion, a website may seem like something you don’t believe your business needs. Maybe you consider your business to be too small to need one; firstly that’s probably the most important reason to have one, secondly, it can make consumers consider your business over others. When asking yourself the question; ‘why do I need a website?’ consider it from a consumer point of view. Think about what you do when you look for a product or service? In today’s day and age, a website has quickly become something that is in the first few steps of launching your company. Don’t get left behind.



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